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ReSee Movies 

Improving the information design and interaction design for an entertainment start-up with a beta website

Project | Client

Research and beta website improvement for ReSee Movies


Design Team

Esther Choi | Lydia Jurcys | Jessica Rodriguez

My Role

UX Designer | UX Researcher

Timeline | Year

3 weeks | 2021



Personas | Heuristic Evaluation | User Flow | Site Map | Wireframes, Prototypes, and High Fidelity Mockups in Figma | Research Report & Deliverables Website


What is ReSee?

ReSee Movies is an entertainment start-up that wants to get movies re-released back in theaters based on movie goers’ preferences.  The idea is that users can create a watchlist of films that they would like to see back on the big screen so that ReSee can inform local theaters what movie goers would actually like to see.  Its business model is both B2B and B2C.

The Opportunity

Our client, the founder of ReSee, had done extensive research related to the B2B interests of his business model, but almost no B2C research other than asking friends to test his beta site.  Also, there had been no user interviews conducted to either confirm or challenge assumptions he had about his product. 

During a 3 week design sprint partnership, our goal was to support our client in preparing for the release of a minimum viable product that is reflective of target user research findings.

Our Approach

Since the beta website is consumer facing with the intent that data from consumer interaction and input will impact the B2B aspect of the business plan- it was absolutely critical to start with B2C focused research- both exploratory and evaluative.  Through heuristic evaluation, user interviews, usability testing of the client’s beta site, and competitive / comparative analysis, we identified opportunities where we could have the greatest impact while working within the business constraints of an existing design system and a business model that was still being refined.

The Solution

Rooted in findings from our research, our greatest opportunity for positive impact while addressing user needs was to improve the information design and interaction design of the beta site through 4 key features.

Confirmation pop-ups that provide users with clear feedback on the results of their efforts

Clear instructions, CTA buttons, and engaging home page content to increase engagement

Large visible search bars, filters, and sort by options to improve search functions

Direct paths to add, remove, and browse movies to improve ease of user and user flows 

Prototype Demo

Outcomes and Client Updates

Overall, usability tests of our improved information and interaction design prototypes resulted in reduced task completion time and increased experience satisfaction rate.  

After our design sprint, because our initial usability tests of the client’s beta site illuminated that users were confused by the overall business concept and expressed overall lack of confidence and trust in it, our client decided to slow down the release of his MVP and focus on refining and strengthening the business model and its messaging.

However, the most recent client updates as of August 2022, are that the company will be officially launched with a target date of September 2022, our wireframes and prototypes are in the hands of his developers with the MVP about 80% complete, and that seeking venture capital funding is the next priority.

Full Case Study Coming Soon!

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